CompassCon Code of Conduct

No Verbal Harassment

Includes yelling and critical, insulting, or harmful comments.

No Smoking

Please smoke outside, away from any entrance.

No Unsupervised Children

Pertains to children 12 years of age and younger

No Profanity

Again, this is a family-friendly gaming event.

No Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t permitted inside or anywhere on Compass’ campus.

No Horseplay

There is a playground outside if you need to burn off some energy.

No Physical Harassment

Includes any form of un-consented contact with another event guest.

No Weapons

Please leave any weapons in your car unless you’re permitted to carry.

No Unattended Personal Items

CompassCon isn’t responsible for any lost or stolen items.

This is a Family-Friendly Event

Be Respectful to Others at all Times

Please Report any Violations of these Rules to CompassCon Organizers or Event Volunteers Immediately.

We Reserve the Right to Ask Anyone to Leave the Premises, for any Reason, and not Return.